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Shetland Results 2005

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CompetitorNumberIslandCompeting In
Sarah 0'Reilly 2612 Isle of Man Football
Annika á Stongum 1062 Faroe Islands Volleyball
Peter Aalto 0044 Åland Sailboarding
Andres Aavik 4102 Saaremaa Athletics
Steve Adam 2070 Guernsey Volleyball
Bill Adams 4395 Shetland Islands Athletics
Paul Adamson 3169 Jersey Volleyball
Paul Adkins 2108 Guernsey Swimming
Marianna Agathangelou 3271 Jersey Badminton
Andrew Aitken 4499 Shetland Islands Swimming
Sanna Aitken 4493 Shetland Islands Swimming
Kirsi Ajanen 0129 Åland Football
Lennart Akerblom 0014 Åland Shooting
Michael Alchin 2917 Isle of Wight Swimming
Edward Alderson 2589 Isle of Man Indoor Bowls
John Alderson 2585 Isle of Man Indoor Bowls
Mary Alderson 2592 Isle of Man Indoor Bowls
Stephen Aldridge 0892 Falkland Islands Football
Christopher Allan 1335 Gibraltar Badminton
Gay Allen 2887 Isle of Wight Indoor Bowls
Kati Allen 2886 Isle of Wight Indoor Bowls
Steve Allen 2581 Isle of Man Badminton
Viktor Alonen 4158 Saaremaa Football
Ida Julie Andersen 1869 Greenland Volleyball
Per Holm Andersen 1010 Faroe Islands Archery
Eoin Anderson 3680 Orkney Football
Loraine Anderson 4568 Shetland Islands Golf
Zoe Anderson 4382 Shetland Islands Badminton
Cassandra Andersson 0062 Åland Football
Martin Andersson 0103 Åland Athletics
Nickolina Andersson 1596 Gotland Shooting
Petra Andersson 0050 Åland Football
Tove Andersson 0031 Åland Athletics
Graham Anderton 3566 Orkney Indoor Bowls
May Anderton 3567 Orkney Indoor Bowls
Rannvá B. Andreasen 1110 Faroe Islands Football
Asha Kylie Andrew 1332 Gibraltar Swimming
Margaret Andrieux 3180 Jersey Indoor Bowls
Maurice Andrieux 3232 Jersey Indoor Bowls
Margaret Ankers 2896 Isle of Wight Golf
Christina Anthoulas 3894 Rhodes Golf
Charalambos Antoniadis 3922 Rhodes Cycling
Osian Ap Cenydd 4813 Ynys Môn Gymnastics
Mikael Appelqvist 2039 Guernsey Archery
Nicki Appleton 3192 Jersey Volleyball
Martin Aram 2552 Isle of Man Athletics
Laura Arblaster 2079 Guernsey Athletics
Josephine Archer 0268 Alderney Golf
Callum Arnott 2903 Isle of Wight Squash
Virgina Arsenault 3779 Prince Edward Island Swimming
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