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Shetland Results 2005

NatWest Island Games XI - Shetland 2005


- Men's Individual Town Centre Criterium

Heat: Final
1st Mark Kelly Isle of Man 50:49.4 Gold
2nd Sam Firby Jersey same time Silver
3rd Indrek Rannama Saaremaa same time Bronze
4th Andrew Roche Isle of Man same time
5th Tyler Butterfield Bermuda same time
6th Bogi Kristiansen Faroe Islands @3.7secs
7th Richard Tanguy Jersey same time
8th Andrew Cook Isle of Man same time
9th Tobyn Horton Guernsey same time
10th Geri Mewett Bermuda @13.6secs
11th Christopher Hedges Bermuda @22.5secs
12th Ivari Rannama Saaremaa same time
13th Alistair Cann Jersey @27.4secs
14th Ashley Whipp Isle of Man @1lap
15th George Hoseason Shetland Islands @1lap
16th Stuart Le Tissier Guernsey @1lap
17th Chris Le Page Guernsey @1lap
18th Riko Raim Saaremaa @1lap
19th David Jardine Jersey @1lap
20th Garth Thomson Bermuda @1lap
21st Graeme Hatcher Isle of Man @1lap
22nd Rigo Raim Saaremaa @2lap
23rd Andrew Grant Shetland Islands @2lap
Last Result: 15/07/2005 20:06:26 Status: Unconfirmed
Schedule for Men's Individual Town Centre Criterium:
Fri 15 Jul 18:30 - 19:15 Final King Harald Street, Lerwick  
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