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Shetland Results 2005

Shetland Results 2005

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Name: Number: Representing: 0000 Results Entries Medals
Archery Recurve Head to Head Team Knockout Silver
Competing In:
Archery Recurve Head to Head Team Knockout


Shetland Islands 157 V 182 Faroe Islands
Shetland Islands   Faroe Islands
Silver Gold
Last Result: 14/07/2005 18:43:09 Status: Unconfirmed
Shetland Islands 199 V 165 Orkney
Shetland Islands   Orkney
Last Result: 14/07/2005 18:23:27 Status: Unconfirmed
Shetland Islands V Bye
Shetland Islands  
Last Result: 14/07/2005 17:28:48 Status: Unconfirmed