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Shetland Results 2005

NatWest Island Games XI - Shetland 2005

Competitor Details

- Sigrid Kristianna Vang

Name: Number: Representing: Sigrid Kristianna Vang 1014 Faroe Islands Results Entries Medals
Archery Single FITA Compound Team Gold
Archery Compound Head to Head Team Knockout Gold
Archery Single FITA Women's Compound Bronze
Competing In:
Archery Compound Head to Head Team Knockout
Archery Single FITA Compound Team
Archery Single FITA Women's Compound
Archery Women's 720 Compound
Archery Women's Compound Head to Head Knockout


3rd Sigrid Kristianna Vang Faroe Islands 254263271316131921104 Bronze
Last Result: 12/07/2005 16:52:06 Status: Confirmed 11/07/2005 15:39:15
Sport: Archery Event: Women's 720 Compound Heat: Final
Sigrid Kristianna Vang 91 V 94 Sara Leith
Faroe Islands   Shetland Islands
Last Result: 14/07/2005 13:12:24 Status: Unconfirmed
1st Faroe Islands
Per Holm Andersen
Jógvan Niclasen
Jóannes Poulsen
Schandorff Vang
Sigrid Kristianna Vang
3454 Gold
Last Result: 12/07/2005 17:00:44 Status: Confirmed 12/07/2005 17:01:00
Faroe Islands 236 V 226 Shetland Islands
Faroe Islands   Shetland Islands
Gold Silver
Last Result: 14/07/2005 19:05:20 Status: Confirmed 14/07/2005 19:07:02
Faroe Islands 240 V 219 Jersey
Faroe Islands   Jersey
Last Result: 14/07/2005 18:21:36 Status: Confirmed 15/07/2005 18:48:26
Faroe Islands V Bye
Faroe Islands  
Last Result: 14/07/2005 17:29:28 Status: Confirmed 15/07/2005 18:48:37
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